Emergency Response Preparedness

Emergency Response Teams

Emergency Response Teams

Many organizations have long recognized the need to protect their business facilities and employees through the creation of employee based emergency response teams. These teams may work independently of outside response agencies or may work in a coordinated manner. In addition, the emergency response team expertise may involve a plethora of topics, skills, and mitigation levels.

START Group personnel are actual emergency responders for technical rescue, hazardous materials mitigation, and emergency medical emergencies. These activities and START Group personnel’s organizational/curriculum knowledge create a superb foundation for emergency response team training. The current response team training is focused in the following areas:

  • Confined space rescue
  • Vertical rescue
  • Hazardous materials mitigation and rescue
  • Emergency medical services

START Group offers the following comprehensive training and loss control packages in emergency response teams:

  • Evaluation of Current Level of Preparedness - Completion of a site review of your Organization’s equipment, response documents, and policies regarding emergency response teams, along with assistance in developing policies and procedures. Formal written recommendations will be made regarding areas that need improvement.
  • Awareness/Operations Level Classroom and Skills Training Session - Completion of site and equipment specific classroom and skills training. These sessions train emergency response team members on basic PPE, personal equipment, and response equipment use. In addition, these sessions involve the use of live scenario skills training (utilizing site specific areas and response objectives).
  • Operations/Command Level Classroom and Skills Training Session - Completion of small through large scale Command Level emergency response team training involving table top and computer generated simulations. These simulations involve organizational-specific and emergency preparedness-specific scenarios that allow for direct documentation and evaluation of emergency response capabilities. Focus of the training session is at the tactical and strategic decision making levels, along with Command activities (i.e., assumption, transfer, termination).
Client list includes Kikkoman’s Foods and Degussa (Janesville).