Industrial Fire Suppression Training

Incipient Fire Brigade Activities 

Incipient Fire Brigade Activities

Many organizations have long recognized the need to protect their business facilities and employees from fire related emergencies through the creation of employee based Incipient Fire Brigade response teams. These teams work to extinguish small fires (incipient) before they become larger fires (free burning and/or smoldering). In addition, the Incipient Fire Brigade response team member must demonstrate a true understanding of the fire behavior and recognition of the different characteristics of incipient, free burning, and smoldering fires, along with the classification of fires.

START Group personnel are actual emergency responders for fire suppression related emergencies. These activities and START Group personnel’s organizational/curriculum knowledge create a superb foundation for Incipient Fire Brigade response team training. The current response team training is focused in the following areas:

  • Use of portable fire extinguishers
  • Knowledge of fire behavior
  • Classification of fires

START Group offers the following comprehensive training and loss control packages in Structural Fire Brigade response teams:

  • Evaluation of Current Level of Preparedness - Completion of a site review of your Organization’s equipment, response documents, and policies regarding Incipient Fire Brigade response teams, along with assistance in developing policies and procedures. Formal written recommendations will be made regarding areas that need improvement.
  • Classroom and Skills Training Session - Completion of site and fire extinguisher equipment specific classroom and skills training. These sessions train Incipient Fire Brigade response team members on the fire related use of portable fire extinguisher, fire behavior characteristics, and fire classification. In addition, these sessions are completed using both Class A and Class B live fire scenarios, along with the use of START Group’s fire extinguisher training equipment.
Client list includes Midwest Generation and McCook Metals.