OSHA Compliance

Confined Space Entry

Confined Space Entry and Non-Entry Rescue

Unsafe and poorly prepared entries into confined spaces are the cause of hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries each year. In view of these facts, OSHA created CFR 1910.146 in 1993 and revised the document in 1998.

START Group offers the following comprehensive training and loss control packages in confined space entry and non-entry rescue:

  • Evaluation of Current Level of Compliance - Completion of a review of representative confined spaces which your organization typically enters; focusing on the means of entry into spaces, along with a review of your current confined space entry equipment, policies, and procedures with regard to OSHA 1910.146. In order to assist with entry policy and procedure development, formal and written recommendations will be made regarding areas that are in need of improvement.
  • Evaluation and Classification of Confined Spaces - Completion of a review of all confined spaces which your organization and/or contractors enter; focusing on the classification of these spaces. A confined space inventory will be created using digital photographs. Additional written recommendations (i.e., specific work practices for entry, placarding, rescue process) will be made regarding areas that are in need of improvement.
  • Regulatory Classroom Session - Completion of a turn-key, classroom review training session informing all participants of the critical aspects of OSHA 1910.146, along with the interface of this standard with your agency's entry and rescue operations.
  • Manipulative Skill Training Session - Completion of a confined space entry manipulative skills training class utilizing representative spaces, along with your agency’s and START Group's entry policies and procedures. Training will focus on confined space equipment orientation and use, along with actual entry operations into spaces (i.e., alternate entry into vertical spaces, permit-required entry into horizontal spaces, and permit-required entry into vertical spaces). Training will involve use of your organization’s equipment, along with additional equipment provided by the START Group.
Client list includes Abbott Laboratories and Nestle.