Traffic Control

Traffic Incident Managment

Traffic Incident Management

During the last 10 years, emergency responders have been killed and/or disabled at record numbers while working in the roadway. With this in mind, The Federal Highway Administration created Chapter 6I of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) directly addressed roadway safe work practices (in NFPA 1500 and 1561). In addition, the National Traffic Incident Management Coalition (NTIMC) was created and established the 18 National Unified Goals (NUG).

START Group offers the following comprehensive training and loss control packages in traffic incident management:

  • Evaluation of Current Level of Compliance - Completion of a site review of your Department’s equipment and policies regarding Traffic Incident Management, along with assistance in developing policies and procedures. Formal written recommendations will be made regarding areas that need improvement.
  • Awareness Level Classroom Training Session - Completion of a turn-key, classroom training session informing all participants of the critical aspects of Chapter 6 and 6I of the MUTCD, along with traffic incident management aspects of NFPA 1500 and 1561. The session will focus on traffic incident management general requirements, along with the requirements for minor, intermediate, and major duration incident. Safe positioning and traffic incident management area (TIMA) will also be discussed.
  • Operations Level Classroom and Skills Training Session - Completion of all aspects of the Awareness Level training session, along with additional skills training. Group problem solving involving Typical Applications (TAs) and actual (real time) skills evolutions will be completed. These evolutions will be completed utilizing roadways or driving simulators. Training will involve use of your organization’s equipment, along with additional equipment provided by START Group.
  • Additional Training Options- Train-the-Trainers training sessions are also available upon request.
  • Quick Reference Guides- General information quick reference guides on Traffic Incident Management are available through MDI and have been authored by START Group Director, Michael J. Kelly.
Client list includes Washington D.C. and Miami-Dade Fire Departments.